Organic super food becomes something viral and popular nowadays because people are so concerned about health right now. Though it can replace the function of the main food, it doesn’t mean those who consume it can’t get the benefits. Super food offers the high benefits compared to the regular meal. The Indonesian Konjac glucomannan use for food industry is increasing rapidly because Konjac can offer the benefits compared to other sources of carb.

The Products of Indonesia Konjac Glucomannan Use for Food Industry

Konjac is the plant used as the supplements of high-fiber dietary such as flour, noodle and jelly. Konjac is not the new term at all because it is used for both Chinese medicine and Japanese cuisine. Konjac has benefits and in scientific name, it is known as Amorphophallus but people may call it in different names such as voodoo lily, snake palm, devil’s tongue, elephant yam and konjaku. Nowadays, Indonesian konjac glucomannan use for food industry is increasing because many people search for it.

They realize Konjac can improve health and no wonder if Japanese people can live much longer because almost everyday they eat konjac as one of the main meal or side dish. Konjac is the plant with starchy root and it is called corm. This is perfect for dietary fiber and the part of the plant used for some supplements or food ingredients because it is high in fiber. In market, you can find different ranges of product made of Konjac such as:

  • Konjac flour

Just like the name, the plant of glucomannan will be turned into flour by grinding the konjac. Before that, the Konjac is dried first and this will be the main ingredient of the flour. The flour will be made into konjac noodles which are chewier such as jelly but healthier than regular noodle made of white flour or even wheat flour.

  • Konjac jelly

When Konjac becomes flour, it is processed again to make the jelly or even candy gum. The jelly can be used for thicken the food into jelly form.

  • Soluble fiber

The konjac jelly will be processed again and purified further. It is made into the soluble fiber and used as the supplement to fulfill your calorie intake.

Indonesia Konjac Glucomannan Use for Food Industry Best Seller, Shirataki Noodle

One of the best sellers in Indonesia konjac glucomannan use for food industry is the noodle. The noodle was originated from Japan and it belongs to the low carb category and it is called “shirataki” or konnyaku noodle. This noodle was entirely made from konjac plant. The fiber of glucomannan is extracted from its root and after that, it is mixed well with water to make the noodles product. Generally, the noodles are all composed with 3% of konjac and 97% of water. Noodle is usually banned for someone who is in diet.

However, this noodle is low in calories and carbs so it will replace the main fulfilling food you used to eat. This noodle is associated with some types of popular diet such as Weight watchers, atkins and Keto. This is glutinous free so it can be consumed by those who have allergy since it is also diabetic-friendly.

You can find the product of Indonesia konjac glucomannan use for food industry in organic market even in regular market easily or you can buy through e-commerce website.

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