Health becomes the main worldwide issue recently and finding the super food ingredient which is organic, safe and full of nutrients is a must. One of the super foods which is healthy for body and also beneficial for some other purposes is Konjac. Nowadays, the wholesale Indonesian Konjac is increasing especially for health, food and also beauty industries. It means Konjac has different benefits depending on the manufacturers or industries that use it.

Why Buy from Wholesale Indonesian Konjac

Though the industry of wholesale Indonesian Konjac is increasing rapidly, most people still have no idea about it. They don’t know what Konjac is, the form of Konjac and also the use of it though some of them may have heard about the name. In scientific term, Konjac is known as glucomannan. This is the kind of herb which is growing and easily found in throughout Asia. Some people might know it as starchy corn which is like a tuber of the stem and it grows under the soil and this Konjac is superb.

It is used as the dietary fiber’s source which is full of nutrients inside. Konjac can be used to replace the gelatin which is usually made of animal source and gelatin is used to thicken the foods especially when you make dessert so it will turn your liquid food into jelly. However, Konjac is also used for traditional Chinese medicine. In Western countries, Konjac is used as the dietary supplement because it is the super food that can reduce weight and it is good to control the cholesterol.

The Benefits of Konjac Makes The Industry of Wholesale Indonesian Konjac Increased

The reason why there are so many wholesale Indonesian Konjac industries right now from the small seller to the big ones because many people start realizing the benefits of Konjac such as:

  • Konjac is good for constipationA study in 2008 found that Konjac can help to heal and prevent constipation because this is full of fiber. The study also showed that consuming Konjac for the low-fiber diet may increase the numbers of probiotic bacteria inside the feces and the function of bowel movement can increase by 30%.
  • Konjac can reduce weightKonjac is filling and eating it everyday will help people to feel full much longer so those who are diet will not cheat by eating snack before consuming the meal. Glucomannan may expand the stomach to help it feel full.
  • Konjac can manage the cholesterolBased on the systematic review in 2008, Konjac can help to lower the cholesterol especially the bad one or known as LDL and triglycerides. Konjac was known to reduce the weight and control blood sugar. The researchers came into conclusion that Konjac can be the adjuvant therapy for those who had diabetes and it was known to reduce the cardiovascular risk or heart attack.
  • Konjac is good for skin healthAccording to the study in 2013, Konjac reduced and healed acne as well as improved the skin health. It can reduce the allergy and fasten the wound healing.

Due to some facts about Konjac, no wonder if the wholesale Indonesian Konjac is the fast industry since people start realizing about health issue and search for the alternative super food.

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