What is Konjac?

Konjac is known in different local names in Indonesia. The most popular local name is porang or umbi porang, with binomial name of Amorphophallus muelleri. In Java island, konjac is known as iles-iles or suweg. Actually, konjac is not exactly similar to suweg, despite similar family and genus. In South Sulawesi, it is known as tire. Glucomannan contents in Konjac offer huge potentials in health sector. A recent study found that glucomannan has the following health benefits

Controlling cholesterol

Controlling blood sugar

Preventing cancers

Reducing obesity

Addressing constipation

Our Konjac

Konjac offers promising potentials for various sectors and industries. 

KONJACS 1 KF Electric Oven Dried

KONJACS 4 KF Manual Oven Dried

KONJACS 7 KE ELectric Oven Dried

KONJACS 2 KE Maval Oven Dried

KONJACS 5 KE Sun Dried

KONJACS 8 (KF Manual Oven Dried)

KONJACS 3 (KF Electric Oven Dried)

KONJACS 6 KE ELectric Oven Dried

KONJACS 9 (KE Sun Dried)

KONJACS 10 (KE ELectric Oven Dried)

KONJACS 11 (KE ELectric Oven Dried)

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