Konjac is known as one of the best super foods for replacing carb but it can make you feel full longer until the next time you eat the food. However, Konjac can’t be used for food only but it is also beneficial for beauty and mostly, this plant is processed into Konjac sponge Indonesia. It can improve the skin health and also perfect for those who have troubled skin such as acne or other impurities naturally so there are no risks at all or dangerous side effect for skin.

How to Choose The Best Konjac Sponge Indonesia Based on Skin Types
Konjac is used as the super food ingredient and dietary supplement that can be consumed daily life. However, konjac is also good for skin health since it is natural and organic. It is perfect for all skin types from the normal one to the most sensitive skin. Mostly, the manufacturers will make it into konjac sponge Indonesia that will give a deep cleanse everytime you wash your face. The sponge is full of pores but it is normal and it is not hard to apply it onto the face directly and it doesn’t cause irritation.

Konjac has benefits to improve the skin health and heal acne so your face might look glowing and clean. It is also used for wound healing as supporting the skin health. However, though konjac can be used for all skin types, it is better for you to choose according to your skin type so you can get the better result while using the right konjac in cleansing your face. If you have normal skin, then you are so lucky because this skin is the most wanted for all women in the world since it lacks of problem.

Normal skin can be detected from the smooth texture, even skin tone and the clean face with no problems such as sensitivity, dryness and breakouts though you use different types of products. This skin doesn’t have the visible pores and oil at all as well as the dry flaky in certain part of your skin. If you have the normal skin, then you can look for the konjac such as:

  • Pure konjac, It means, the sponge has no additional extras at all or it is not infused by other natural ingredients to improve the skin health. It is so gentle and it can cleanse the face properly while soothing the skin by removing the excess oil and dirt. That type of Konjac can restore the pH level so it can stimulate the blood flow and also lymph circulation without damaging your skin.
  • Konjac which is infused with green clay, Though you have the normal skin, it doesn’t mean that there is no problem at all with the skin. Sometimes, breakout can occur and green clay can remove them all. Green clay is perfect in absorbing the impurities or blemish because it is full of minerals and essential oils that can soften, smooth, cleanse and exfoliate the skin. It will restore the glow and vitality of the skin.

Konjac sponge Indonesia is usually used during face wash. You can apply the facial foam first to your skin and after that, you can rub it gently using the sponge for better result.

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