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Konjacs.com is a Konjac Trading Company at Indonesia. We have been producing konjac flour for many years, and since the last 10 years we have been exporting to Japan and China. We are farming the best konjac roots from all regions in Indonesia as the main raw material for high quality of konjac flour, farmed at our nearest warehouses.

Started with small plant in city of Nganjuk, East Java, then along with the increasing demand for konjac flour, we were decided to expand. We are now having a modern konjac flour production plant with bigger capacity ready to serve konjac market demand. This new production plant is situated in Makassar, South Sulawesi.

In order to make this business much more convenient and easy for buyers around the world for contacting us, Now, we have an Official Distributor Representatives in Surabaya City – East Java to serve our customers much more easier. Potential Konjac buyers can visit us at Koperasi Barjanji, Jemurwonosari Lebar 82, Surabaya or contact or whatsapp at +62811-228-976 with Mr. Rochmad.

We are really understanding the importance of quality, therefore we are currently making the production process of konjac flour in a modern way and high technology. We sincerely hope that our konjac flour products can meet the high quality products demand of our client corporates. Therefore, we ready to establish good long-term business as a supplier of konjac flour for your company. We will also provide free samples of our konjac when your company need.

If you have a representative team ready in Indonesia, it will be our honor to guide your team for visiting our konjac flour plant to seeing activities and process in our plant. We will accompany you to know the processing of konjac root to chips then to konjac flour. We are sure that when your order Konjac flour to us, it will be much more low cost and in return it will be bringing in more profit for your company.

So, if you have some questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us

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Rochmad Hidayat,




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