We are Exporting Good Quality of Konjac Flour

We are in Business for Supplying Good Quality Konjac, or Glucomannan. It’s Our Pride to be able to Provide Your Konjac Needs with Our Various Konjac Commodities. Here, In Our Own Konjac Farm and Plant in Indonesia, We are Assure That Our Konjac Supply will Meet Your High Expectation. You will get Best Quality Konjac for The Best Price

Benefits of Konjac

Konjac has huge potentials in food and health industries. In Indonesia, main cultivation areas of Konjac include Madiun, Tuban, Nganjuk, Kediri, and Bojonegoro. Konjacs or Porang has become Our’s main export commodity to Hong Kong, Japan and Korea so that porang can be a good investment opportunity to be developed in East Java

Potentials in food industry

Konjac can be processed into different products. The flour can be used to make bread, noodles, crispy chips, and jelly. Konjac is now widely promoted as an alternative source of dietary fibers for those who are having a weight loss programs.

Huge supply

The plant can thrive in different soil types and climate conditions. It has a huge supply to meet the need of both domestic and global manufacturers. PT Agro Alam Raya most potential markets  are include China, Japan, and some European countries.

Potentials in consumer product industry

It is mainly used as a thickening agent, gel-making agent, stabilizer, water-retention agent, and emulsifier in commercial scale. In consumer product industries, konjac flour is widely used for cosmetic products, glue, textile, and some other products.

Rich glucomannan contents

What is Konjac contents? The answer to this question determines its potentials in health industry. Konjac is beneficial for health, thanks to its nutrient contents. Besides glucomannan, Konjac is rich in protein, essential amino acids, dietary fibers, and glucose.

Our Konjac

Konjac offers promising potentials for various sectors and industries. 

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